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I am trying to draw a gear in Canvas but running into issues from the start. I want to have a filled circle with a hallowed out middle. Instead, I am getting what looks to be an outline of a single circle.

Here is my code:

var ctx = document.getElementById("canvas").getContext("2d"),
i = 0;

function drawGear(){

    ctx.fillStyle = "#000";

    ctx.fillStyle = "#FFF";;



I believe that the issue is something related to the globalCompositeOperation, but I tried several of them (source-over, source-atop, destination-over) and none seem to work the way I want.

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You should begin a new path when drawing the second circle, like this:


ctx.fillStyle = "#FFF";
// ...

JS Fiddle.

Without this, you'll essentially redraw both circles - the inner and the outer one - with the second fill call (check this fiddle for demonstration)

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