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What is the best way to implement the Composite View Pattern for a Java website?

My idea was to take one jsp and include multiple pages like:

<h1>Layout Start</h1>
Values values = DataHandler.getValues(request);
LayoutHelper layout = values.getLayout();
out.println("Layout.getContent(): " + layout.getContent());

<jsp:include page="<%= layout.getContent() %>" flush="false" />

<h1>Layout End</h1>

But then all my small jsp files in the WEB-INF directory are still available to the user. How can I deny access to all .jsp files except for the one template.

After that I need a filter or Servlet to insert the paths in the Values object.

Update I don't mean that the WEB-INF is accessible from the file system (Or Webserver) but from the web app through the controller with my current layout layout.getcontent() maps to an URL parameter/user input.

What are the common used frameworks to handle the Composite View Pattern??

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Pro Java EE and Spring Patterns mentions two popular framework that supports the Composite View pattern:

Personally I used Tiles and It worked like a charm integrated with Struts and Spring. SiteMesh also relies on the Decorator Pattern. In Tiles Web Site there's a nice comparison between the benefits of both patterns.

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Any file that's in WEB-INF is not directly accessible by the user. I typically put all my JSPs in WEB-INF/jsp, and then only the controller servlet (or other JSP pages) can access them.

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What he said. This is in fact what a lot of framework do/encourage. –  Chris Harcourt Dec 10 '09 at 22:59

Apache Tiles is working on this concept.


It is worth looking into this.

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