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I have an application which want some scripting file to load . It has browse button by using that I am loading that scripting file to the application . When I select the file then it shows the the full path of that file like :/abc/desktop/script.js . Then this application gives me some executable file. Thats working fine. Now the problem arise when I change the location of that script file to say : /abc/desktop/folder/script.js . This time my .exe cannot find that script file .

So my requirement is to give some path inside the application which will able to find and load the script.js wherever it is present on my computer .Is it possible . I am confused about under which tag should I put this question , But as I have used objective c and iPhone tag I am putting under it.

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Just as a heads up, if you go down this route, it could take hours to search your entire HDD for the file. It would be better to allow files to site in certain locations that are known to your application and search those directories for the file(s). –  Justin Wood Sep 16 '13 at 4:31
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