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I want to create database in phpMyAdmin. I have done these many times before in my old system and old phpMyAdmin version, but currently not able to do it. And tried to search this problem through a lot of question,but couldn't find the answers.

Because Most of them have problem of privilege, but i think i don't have this problem because i have all the privileges.

When i am trying to create database, it doesn't give any error but it just displays "Processing Request".

I am attaching screenshot. enter image description here

let me know if you can think of any reason behind this.

Any help would be appreciated.

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What do your network tools say (Chrome Developer Tools) about the request? –  Paulpro Sep 16 '13 at 5:48
Instead of using Php MyAdmin did you try using the basic MySQL client shipped, on the same machine? –  Himanshu Bhardwaj Sep 16 '13 at 5:53
@Paulpro : i don't understand what are you saying ? –  keen Sep 16 '13 at 5:57
@HimanshuBhardwaj : No i haven't tried it. –  keen Sep 16 '13 at 5:57
Then you should try that too... It should give some proper error code, iff you are able to login successfully into DB –  Himanshu Bhardwaj Sep 16 '13 at 6:02

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you should try it after reinstalling phpmyadmin..

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I tried this,but still the same problem. –  keen Sep 16 '13 at 9:29
Which phpMyAdmin version? –  Marc Delisle Sep 16 '13 at 9:59
its phpMyAdmin 5.5.8 –  Sameer Sep 16 '13 at 12:23
i solved this problem by reinstalling it again. –  keen Sep 17 '13 at 12:52

It seems you are on hosting server. Most probably you are getting a limited number of databases on your account.

You must have exceeded the allowed no. of databases on the account.

If not please add a comment, we will see again.


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I was able to create it by writing sql, but when i tried to open from left bar it gives me this error "The requested URL /phpMyAdmin/db_structure.php was not found on this server.". –  keen Sep 16 '13 at 6:17

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