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Okay, so I'm working on a scheduler and I was thinking of something like, timeOut(3,print,'hello') and it would print hello every three seconds, I have tried some methods but all failed. Also Using time.sleep for this wouldn't quite work because I need to run other tasks as well besides just one

Edit: I found out how to do what I needed, sorry for being confusing but this did the trick for what I needed, thanks for answering everyone.

class test:
    def __init__(self):
         self.objectives = set()
    class Objective:
    def interval(self,timeout,function,*data):
        newObjective = self.Objective()
        newObjective.Class = self
        newObjective.timeout = time.time()+timeout
        newObjective.timer = timeout
        newObjective.function = function
        newObjective.repeate = True
        newObjective.data = data
        return True
    def runObjectives(self):
         timeNow = time.time()
         for objective in self.objectives:
             timeout = objective.timer
             if objective.timeout <= timeNow:
                 if objective.repeate:
                     objective.timeout = timeNow + timeout
    def main(self):
         while True:
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The standard library includes a module called sched for scheduling. It can be adapted to work in a variety of environments using the delayfunc constructor parameter. Using it your question would likely read:

def event():
    scheduler.enter(3, 0, event, ()) # reschedule

Now it depends on how you run the other tasks. Are you using an event loop? It probably has a similar scheduling mechanism (at least twisted has callLater and GObject has timeout_add). If all else fails, you can spawn a new thread and execute a sched.scheduler with time.sleep there.

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