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Hi guys im using vb6 i want to create a function that will return only sundays date but i will pass a date ranged example below.

fnWorkSunday(#09/02/2013#, #09/16/2013#)

The result must be: #09/08/2013# and #09/15/2013#

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What have you tried already? – Westie Sep 16 '13 at 8:32
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Try this:

Sub listSundaysBetween(startDate As Date, endDate As Date)

    Dim nextSunday As Date

    nextSunday = startDate - Weekday(startDate) + 1

    If nextSunday < startDate Then nextSunday = nextSunday + 7

    While nextSunday < endDate
        Debug.Print nextSunday
        nextSunday = nextSunday + 7
End Sub
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First I would create an array to hold the return dated.

Dim dateArray() as Date

then loop through your date range:

While startDate <= endDate

    If Weekday(startDate) = 1 Then
    'or If WeekdayName(startDate) = "Sunday" Then
    '1 = vbSunday, 2 = vbMonday...

        ReDim Preserve dateArray(UBound(dateArray) + 1)
        'Resize the array to accommodate the new date
        'don't forget to preserve or all the data in the array will be lost

        dateArray(UBound(dateArray)) = startDate
    End If

    DateAdd("d",1,startDate)    'increment the startDate

then return the dataArray.

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