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I use Visual C++ 2008 in Visual Studio 2008. I frequently use the following command to diff an open file against its most recent checked-in version:

File | Source Control | Compare...

I can also do the same thing by clicking on an icon in the Source Control toolbar.

I'm not certain, but I believe this command is the same for any source control plugin (I happen to use the Perforce plugin.)

I'd like to assign a keyboard shortcut to execute this command but I can't seem to find it listed anywhere in dialog where such assignments are normally made:

Tools | Customize... | Commands

Did I just not see the command in the customize dialog? Is there another method to assign such a keyboard shortcut?

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Tools -> Options -> Keyboard -> Commands Containing "Compare"

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Nescio's answer is on the money. Here's a little more info:

  • The shortcut assignment can be made at Tools | Options | Environment | Keyboard
  • The command is called File.Compare
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