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How can I use the Chrome-devtool's console to test if my javascript works? I've located the xpath and converted it to an css locator. Basically it is a button that turns the color from grey to blye.

Here is my snippet code: browser.execute_script("$('button.nominate').trigger('tap');")

On the console, I tried something like:


The result shown below:


I thought it would tap the button

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if you type console.log($('button.nominate').length) would it then output 0. Think your selector (css locator :) ) is wrong. –  dev-null Sep 16 '13 at 8:40
Null and @Konrad Dzwinel thanks for your help. Apparently, I did use the wrong css selector. I also found out that converting an XPATH to CSS might not yield good results. I was told that my CSS was too specific and I should rely on using the class names to do it. I used cssify.appspot.com to help me –  user2763948 Sep 16 '13 at 18:22

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I suppose you are doing some kind of functional testing on your mobile app. I was doing the same thing some time ago (using CasperJS) and, in the process, I've created this function:

// I've commented out CasperJS specific stuff, don't use it if you don't need it
function triggerEventOnPage(selector, eventName, memo) {
    //casper.evaluate(function(selector, eventName, memo){
        var event;
        var element = document.querySelector(selector);

        event = document.createEvent("Event");
        event.initEvent(eventName, true, true);
        event.memo = memo || { };

    //}, selector, eventName, memo);

You can use it in your tests by calling:

triggerEventOnPage(".edit-list-button", 'tap');

However, mind that there is no native tap event. There are only touchstart, tachmove, touchend events and implementation of tap is done based on those three. Therefore, implementation of tap event that you are using may differ from one that I was using and the function above may not work for you.

EDIT: since you are using jQuery, $('button.nominate').trigger('tap') should work just fine to. @NULL may be right that your selector is invalid.

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Brilliant!! Worked great for me!! –  Hadi Eskandari Jan 8 at 2:51

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