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What's up with this, how do I capture the output from my Gambit-C program?

$ gsi -e "(pp 'hello?)"

$ gsi -e "(pp 'hello?)" >asdf

$ gsi -e "(pp 'hello?)" 2>asdf

$ cat asdf

It should have put the output of the program into asdf, but it's empty! Is there a compile-time or run-time option I can set to make it treat stdout like a normal unix program? (Preferably compile-time)

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I am not familiar with pp, but you seem to want pretty-print:

$ gsi -e "(pretty-print 'hello?)" > test
$ cat test
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You're right. I saw pp being used in lots of Gambit-C examples, but it's got specific semantics for the REPL, whereas pretty-print redirects as expected. I thought pp was just a synonym for pretty-print. Thanks. –  Steve Dec 10 '09 at 18:09
Yea, pp is a totally different function (although confusingly, it is the same in Chicken :S), and it allows really neat things like seeing the expansion of macros. Check out some macros sometime -- it's really useful and interesting. –  Jyaan Aug 14 '10 at 2:07

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