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Question: I have a table with the columns ID, Name, Prename, Mail

Mail contains the e-mail address of a person, for example

Now I need to check whether Name='' or Prename='' and extract "John" from Mail and put it into Prename, and put "Doe" into column Name

Can i do that with SQL, if yes how ?

I use MS-SQL 2005

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are the names always going to be separated by a "."? – CSharpAtl Dec 10 '09 at 17:23
There are some answers below that will solve your specific case, but as CSharpAtl's comment implies there is probably much more to it than that. Email addresses can be in many, many formats and name extraction can be a challenge. Think a lot about your specific requirements here. – Tom H Dec 10 '09 at 17:46
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You can use an UPDATE statement as follows.

--relies on one and only one dot in the email account!
UPDATE  Customer
SET  PreName = LEFT(Email, CHARINDEX('.',Email)-1) --FirstName
     ,Name = SUBSTRING(Email,CHARINDEX('.',Email)+1, CHARINDEX('@',Email)-CHARINDEX('.',Email)-1)

To test this solution, try with a single string as a test.

--test it out with this script!
DECLARE @Addr varchar(100)

SELECT @Addr = ''

DECLARE @DotAt int, @At int

       ,@At = CHARINDEX('@',@Addr)

SELECT  LEFT(@Addr, @DotAt-1), SUBSTRING(@Addr,@DotAt+1,@At-@DotAt-1)
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It is possible. You'll need to do some string manipulation. Check out the SUBSTRING, PATINDEX and CHARINDEX functions.

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