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I'm currently working in an environment that consists of a couple of small / mid websites on a single web server.

The server has several vhost, but every site has its own live e test vhost which basically are two identical copies with minor modifications in the global configurations.

Now the deployment of updates goes like this:

  • the developers do their work locally
  • they upload their files on the webserver on a vhost targeted for testing (say test.domain.com)
  • once testing is done they publish manually the files in production (www.domain.com)

I inherited this environment and the first thing I did was to switch part of the development on other boxes and tie everything with GIT, and the workflow is doing great for the staging part. So now the main development is done via source control on a staging server, but since we are in the middle of the process and we cannot use it completely the deployment with git or other things (like beanstalk or others) we are stuck in the middle.

I'm looking for a temp solution that I imagined as follow:

  • on my local box I create a folder and copy in there all the files and folder that should need to be uploaded
  • I run a script with an argument telling it to target the test server. This script should check via FTP all the remote files that match the path of my local folder package. It then downloads the same files and folder to create a backup of the remote files on my local folder in a special dir called backup.
  • the script then will overwrite the files on the remote server
  • ...
  • more test done on the test server
  • then we relaunch the script with an argument telling it to target the live site and it'll do the same stuff on the live vhost.

The result is that we would have in a single local folder to be stored for reference the package with the updated and the backup of the test and live server.

Do you know if there's something that actually do this kind of work or some batch or bash script that could be modified to achieve this kind of flow?

This will be only temporary till we'll fix the deployments to integrate our git workflow with the deployment in production.

Thank you all and sorry for the long post.

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Can't you just use git-ftp? –  kostix Sep 16 '13 at 11:34
No it is not an option for now. Basically because there's no real link right now between our daily commits and the staging env and the servers and the code base in test / productions. I also think that git-ftp is one way only and we would have to make a backup of the original files by hand, which is the task I'm trying to automate. Thanks anyway. –  S.Magnaschi Sep 16 '13 at 11:56

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