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I'm already using FTS3, after adding sqlite amalgamation as static library end enabling FTS3 (following this tutorial http://longweekendmobile.com/2010/06/16/sqlite-full-text-search-for-iphone-ipadyour-own-sqlite-for-iphone-and-ipad/).

The database the app is searching into contains copyrighted text, so I have decided to use SQLCypher commercial version and it includes FTS3 already enabled, if I'm not mistaken. I haved added SqlCipher static library following http://sqlcipher.net/support/ and then removed previously added sqlite static library, is this correct? should I keep only libsqlcipher.a in my project?

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Thanks for supporting SQLCipher by using iOS commercial edition! You are correct, you can simply have libsqlcipher.a linked with your project, it contains everything you need for all platforms.

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