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I am scanning ISBN code to get book results from amazon. I created account on amazon developer site. Then I want to create app on amazon site(for getting the AWSAccessKeyId) but its giving option for android app and web app. Is Amazon API's cant be used on iOS devices or we do not need to create app for using amazon API's in iOS.

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Well to answer the first part, you can surely use Amazon Api's in iOS apps.
We can read in detail how to set up the app to use Amazon Api here.

The second part is quite tricky. Because the documentation does not state how to get the Access Key Id but it does state that we need it so I guess they simply forget to include the iOS option while generating it and hence an AccessKey generated using Android will work for iOS as well.

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Please explain the reason for down voting the answer. –  Puneet Sep 17 '13 at 4:54

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