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Is it possible to call a controller method to render a template within a template? Or is that totally the wrong aproach?

In the div container there is only a sting displayed but not the redered html from my productTable template.

The displayed string inside the <div class="products">:

SimpleResult(200, Map(Content-Type -> text/html; charset=utf-8))

Template: {cat =>
<div>some html</div>
<div class="products">@controller.Products.getByCatergoyId(</div>


public static Result getByCatergoyId(Long catId) {
List<Product> products = Product.find.where().eq("", catId).findList();
return ok(views.html.display.productTable.render(products));
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If you want to get the code from the productTable view your method shouldn't return a Result but just a String containing rendered code.... aaaannnyyyyway , there is definitely much better way for rendering sub-templates in Play, check the Tags section of the documentation it does exactly what you want directly from the view, of course you will need to pass a product object to it.

Just create tags package in your view package and add there your sub-template (responsible for rendering only pat of page) it behaves exactly the same as common template.

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