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In my current project I need some functions exported from ntdll.dll and csrsrv.dll.

There is no problem with getting handle for ntdll and pointer to functions. But when I try get handle for csrsrv.dll function fails with error code "File not found". I've tried to specify full path to file, but it dose not change a thing.

Code for my load function from dll function:

PVOID GetFunctionFromDll(const std::string& _sModuleName,const std::string& _sFnName)
    HMODULE hModule = NULL;
    PVOID ptrFn = NULL;

        return 0;

    ptrFn = GetProcAddress(hModule, _sFnName.c_str());

    FreeLibrary(hModule); // preventing handle leakage

    return ptrFn;

Any ideas why does it fail with csrsrv.dll?

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GetModuleHandleEx() does not load the DLL. From the linked reference page:

Retrieves a module handle for the specified module and increments the module's reference count unless GET_MODULE_HANDLE_EX_FLAG_UNCHANGED_REFCOUNT is specified. The module must have been loaded by the calling process.

The csrsrv.dll must not be in memory when the call is made and the ntdll.dll will be in memory, and the call succeeds.

Suggest using LoadLibrary() outside of the function to ensure the DLL remains in memory beyond the function call, guaranteeing that the address returned by GetFunctionFromDll() remains valid.

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Indeed it just was not loaded to memory. Thanks for pointing the sentence that i've missed in documentation – fetch Sep 16 '13 at 12:38

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