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I have following code:

var elem1 = $("#elem1");
var elem2 = $("#elem2");
var elem3 = $("#elem3");

I want to disable all these in single line of jquery code using the var names. I know jquery allows to find the multiple elements using single $("#elem1, #elem2") but I want to use the variable name and disable them at once, something like:

elem1.elem2.elem3.prop("disabled", true);

Is it possible? How to do this?

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Since you already have the objects selected, you can use add()

var elem1 = $("#elem1");
var elem2 = $("#elem2");
var elem3 = $("#elem3");

elem1.add(elem2).add(elem3).prop("disabled", true);

If you do not have the objects selected, you are better off using a class selector.

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+1 both for being correct and for being the only person (so far) to actually provide what was asked for. – nnnnnn Sep 16 '13 at 12:28

You can use the attributes-starts-with selector

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