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I have a problem with ion_auth . I converted all required file fit for Mongodb. my config liles mongo_db.php

   $config['mongo_host'] = 'localhost';
   $config['mongo_port'] = 27017;
   $config['mongo_db'] = 'tls_saas';
   $config['mongo_user'] = 'root';
   $config['mongo_pass'] = 'root';
   $config['mongo_persist'] = TRUE;
   $config['mongo_persist_key'] = 'ci_mongo_persist';


$config['use_mongodb'] = TRUE;

| -------------------------------------------------------------------------
| MongoDB Collection.
| -------------------------------------------------------------------------
| Setup the mongodb docs using the following command:
| $ mongorestore sql/mongo
$mongorestore                    = 'sql/mongo';
$config['collections']['users']          = 'users';
$config['collections']['groups']         = 'groups';
$config['collections']['login_attempts'] = 'login_attempts';

but still i get the error

Non-existent class: Mongo_db

is their to make any more changes . ion_auth working with mongodb now ??

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SOLVED !! Problem was with code igniter class declaration in LOADER.php . Add the following lines if you get this error. Code igniter does not allow pages to be loaded if

if ( ! defined('BASEPATH')) exit('No direct script access allowed');

is not found at the beginning of the file then Code igniter skip that file .

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You need to add and load the library in addition to the config files.



That error indicates you have not added or loaded the library.

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Sir I have included these files in specified parts of codeigniter but still i get same error. If i load it in autoload i still get same error. It occurs after loading session.php of codeigniter system.. –  Vikas_web Sep 17 '13 at 6:45

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