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I am using the ProcessBuilder in order to start a java process from inside a parent Java process.

The problem i am facing here, is that it seems that when i use the ProcessBuilder, not the correct environment is loaded, comparing with when i am starting the same java process natively.

To be more specific, my java process invokes some COM objects and in order to do that it loads the appropriate .dll s. When i run my java application as a standalone process, i can see (using a tool) that the correct .dlls are loaded, thus the application is behaving correctly.

However, if i use ProcessBuilder to launch the exact same java app (from inside another java process), i can see that the .dll s are not loaded at all.

I assume there is something wrong with the environment set, or with the internals of how ProcessBuilder spawns new processes.

Has anyone any similar experience? Do i need to do anything special to set an environment to the ProcessBuilder?

Thanks in advance.

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