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I want to svn my zend project but not the whole Zend framework but not sure how.

I want to have just these directories in SVN

--application --library --public

but the rest of the framework and files maybe n /var/shared or seomthing.

How do I link my project to the framework so I can just check it out to my /var/www/html directory and it just works?

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Most use composer for this, so you have a composer file in your svn and then someone else can get the composer file and run it and get the zend librarie. – Michal-sk 웃 Sep 16 '13 at 13:23
You're asking about Dependency Management. – Mike B Sep 16 '13 at 14:54
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Simply add: SetEnv ZF2_PATH "/path/to/zf2/library" in your virtualhost configuration. If you set this enviroment variable, then you dont need store zend libs in your project :P

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You may use Composer to manage your project dependencies and add Zend to svn:ignore.

Take a look at: using Composer with ZF. The package zendframework/zendframework is probably what you want.

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