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I checked typical CakePHP request but couldn't find the solution.

At first myThemeCookie doesn't exist. By setting this cookie, user can select his/her favorite theme and he/she will see that theme in the future.

I have myController and myAction. I have a form in myAction.ctp. User can select theme name.

At first request myAction checks for $_POST. It can't find any value. Action only shows form.

In second request, when user submits form, I send user to myAction again. Action finds $_POST data. Getting theme css address from $_POST. By using myComponent, myThemeCookie is written.

Then I have myLayout.ctp file. This layout file uses myHelper and by using myHelper->getCookieTheme(), it gets theme name from the cookie. But helper gives empty name. So user sees old theme's fonts. (Note that I check cookie data by using $_COOKIE variable in helper)

When I refresh myAction page and make a third request I see that myHelper->getCookieTheme() gives right css file name. And user sees new theme's fonts.

So, after I set a cookie in myAction, I can't see it in my helper method and layout file. But it seems like view/helper files are calculated after controller actions. Do I miss something ?

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You don't have to do that in the view at all. Also don't access $_POST directly but use the request object $this->request in the controller.

have a method like checkThemeFromCookie() in your AppController and call it in beforeRender() and read the theme from the cookie, if the value is not empty simply do $this->theme = $themeFromCookie. If the cookie is empty just leave the property or set whatever default theme you want.


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I use a CDN for theme files. So I pass a HTML to my layout/helper. Is it OK to set $this->theme. And access it inside layout/helper ? –  trante Sep 16 '13 at 13:45
I will create new variable with public $theme="mytheme" inside my derived controller and set it from the AppController ? I couldn't understand where to set $this->theme ? –  trante Sep 16 '13 at 16:31
It's not a variable it's a property. If you set in your controller derived from AppController you'll override what you set in AppController. OOP basics. Since you want to (I guess so) have the theme applied everywhere you will have to do the cookie check and setting the theme in the AppController. If not put the check in the AppController and the set in the controllers that need it. –  burzum Sep 17 '13 at 2:23
CDN theme files? Define what a theme for you is. Did you read the links I've provided? I think we talk about two different things. Assets vs theme views. –  burzum Sep 17 '13 at 2:24
I include "my_theme.css" file inside my layout file. Regarding to user's selection the file name changes. File exists in CDN and regarding to cookie I set a URL and include it inside my layout.ctp file. –  trante Sep 18 '13 at 22:37

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