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Am building an application which requires finding headings and normal text in a word document and putting them in two different columns side by side. i.e if heading 1 has 3 sentances under that, i need to put heading 1 three times in three rows and normal sentances next to it in different column.

I need to identify the headings and normal texts in word document separately and put them in two different columns of a datagrid in

column 1 | column 2


heading 1|sentance1

heading 1|sentance2

heading 1|sentance3

Likewise for all headings.

below is the code i hv tried so far.Am getting all data in single column by using a hashtable.

   foreach (Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.Paragraph paragraph in this.Application.ActiveDocument.Paragraphs)

Style style = paragraph.get_Style() as Style;
string styleName = style.NameLocal;
string text = paragraph.Range.Text;

// if (paragraph.Next() != styleName.Heading 1)//loop until next heading is encountered

if( styleName == "Normal" ) 
//add it to second column of datagrid
   else if( styleName == "Heading 1" ) 
//add this to 1st column of datagrid
   }      }
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