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I need to develop a workflow editor in Angularjs

This requires a directive(inner) that should add a div with some data and data for this directive should come from another directive(outer)

series of divs will be added right, top or bottom based on parameters.

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Since you didn't post any code or exact requirements, please take a look on this demo where it shows calling directive from other directive:


<div ng-controller="MyCtrl">
  <div directive-foo></div>


var app = angular.module('myApp',[]);

app.directive('directiveFoo', function() {
return {
    template: '<div directive-bar="123">bar</div>',
    replace: true,
    controller: function() {
        console.log('in foo ctrl');
        this.isFooAlive = function() {
            return 'Foo is alive and well';
app.directive('directiveBar', function() {
return {
    controller: function() {
        console.log('in bar ctrl');
    require: 'directiveFoo',
    link: function(scope, element, attrs, fooCtrl) {

function MyCtrl($scope) {


Hope it will help you

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Hi Maxim! Thanks for your reply. I am wondering how 'fooCtrl' is referring to 'directiveFoo' controller? I mean what is the convention followed? –  user2210867 Sep 17 '13 at 5:51
take a look on link: function(scope, element, attrs, fessCtrl), scope, element and attrs defined by default and 4th element is controller, you can call it as you want –  Maxim Shoustin Sep 17 '13 at 6:36

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