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I want to change the layout of prestashop back office product page. So can anyone tell me which file to change so that I can modify this existing layout?

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I don't know which page you want to edit exactly, but when you go to that page in your backoffice, like:

The admin123 is variable to your installation, but the ?tab=AdminAttributesGroups referes to the backoffice page you are on. These pages are located in /var/www/admin123/tabs in this case it's /var/www/admin123/tabs/AdminAttributesGroups.php

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Thanks for your reply. :) Actually I wanted to change product listing page which has the link like index.php?controller=AdminProducts – vinay saini Sep 17 '13 at 13:38
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I found the solution.... Here is what I did

  1. Added content.tpl in under adminxxyy/theme/theme_name/template/controller/products Which showed me content of my content.tpl
  2. Create a new module, register the hook and send that info via hook to content.tpl.
  3. Use hook name in content.tpl like {hook h='displayProductMyWay' mod='blockcustom'}.
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