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I made a custom QtDesigner plugin. It loads well in QtDesigner, I can use it in a .ui file and it works fine in the executable.

My only concern is that, when using the plugin in another widget, I can't change the values of the plugin's child widgets.

Sorry if it's confusing, here's a schematic of the situation:

MyDesignerPlugin -> QWidget -> QComboBox
                            -> QTextEdit

In QtDesigner:

MainWindow -> MyDesignerPlugin

And there I have no access to the underlying QComboBox and QTextEdit. Well, I found two ways. The first works well but is quite cumbersome. The second nearly works.

First Solution - Working

First, I can create setters and getters for the child widgets in the QWidget and, thanks to Q_PROPERTY magic, the properties appear in QtDesigner's property editor.

This is fine, but not what I want. I want to be able to click on the QTextEdit and edit the text directly from there. This is not possible by default.

Second Solution - Not Working

I looked in the example https://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.0/qtdesigner/containerextension.html#multipagewidget-class-definition and stumbled upon this line in multipagewidget.cpp:


If I add this line to my plugin widget (respectively "__qt__passive_textEdit" for the textEdit), QtDesigner then allows me to click on the combobox and change the selected value. But the action (changing the selected item in the comboBox) is not saved when I close QtDesigner and reopen it.


So my question is two-fold: how can I set the properties of child widgets when including a QtDesigner plugin and what magic does this "__qt__passive_..." string ?

EDIT: The multipagewidget example does not manage either to save the fact that the currentIndex is changed when changing from the comboBox.

So for now I'll go with the Q_PROPERTY route, like suggested by @ratchet freak's comment

If somebody's wondering how one can see if the changes will be saved, simply in QtDesigner the property's name becomes bold in the properties editor.

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I don't think the _qt__passive does anything, I suggest going the Q_propert route –  ratchet freak Sep 16 '13 at 14:50
Well it clearly does something, although it's not useful. If you take the multipagewidget example and change slightly the string, you won't be able to click and open the combobox. –  ibizaman Sep 17 '13 at 8:01

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