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I am creating quite a complex query for mongodb within .net using C#. To do this I am building the query as a string then parsing it to get a QueryDocument:

var Q = new QueryDocument(BsonDocument.Parse(QueryString))

My problem is that part of the query contains a regex:

{""Str.tagkw"":{$regex : "" \\b(rasberry|ice cream|sweeties)\\b ""}}

After parsing the $regex part has been removed when I look at the query Q (as above)

Any help would be welcome.

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Your code appears to work for me:

string queryString = @"{""Str.tagkw"":{$regex : "" \\b(rasberry|ice cream|sweeties)\\b ""}}";
var Q = new QueryDocument(BsonDocument.Parse(queryString));

When you look at this in an IDE such as Visual Studio, it will be displayed as

{ "Str.tagkw" : / \b(rasberry|ice cream|sweeties)\b / }

That's the Javascript representation: In Javascript, you can create regular expressions using either

var regex = new RegExp("(foo|bar)");

or, as syntactic sugar

var regex = /(foo|bar)/;

The ToString method which will be used by the debugger seems to prefer the second representation, but that's just a matter of how it's displayed.

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Thanks for that, I may be missing something here, but when I use the mongodb command line I can return results using ` {"Str.tagkw":{$regex : " \\b(rasberry|ice cream|sweeties)\\b "}}` but it does not return results using: { "Str.tagkw" : / \b(rasberry|ice cream|sweeties)\b / } –  Matt Wallis Sep 17 '13 at 7:52
Ok - had a play with it and removed space between the / \b......\b / and it worked! Thanks! –  Matt Wallis Sep 17 '13 at 7:57

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