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we have around 700 tests with Robolectric 1.x and I started migration to 2.x. After long day I have around 57 tests failing and almost all with similar exception:

android.view.InflateException: XML file ./res/layout/view.xml line #-1 (sorry, not yet implemented): Error inflating class <unknown>
java.lang.RuntimeException: huh? ResName{android:style/TextAppearance_Sherlock_Light_Small}

I wonder if someone knows how to fix this situation.

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Robolectric 2.x had an issue that custom attribute is mixed up with android internal attribute. In this case, ActionBarSherlock's TextAppearance_Sherlock_Light_Small attribute is mixed up with Android's one.

This pull request should solve the issue, so please try the latest Robolectric from GitHub. (I myself confirmed that that error is fixed on the latest)

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Thank you a lot Poly! –  Eugen Martynov Sep 18 '13 at 8:56

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