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I'm trying to email a .pdf in landscape format. I've been using the method to attempt to do this. Even though I specify landscape format, the emailed PDF is in portrait.

If someone could show me a way to accomplish this, I'd be most appreciative.


class ProjectMailer < ActionMailer::Base
  def email_mindmap_process(project, user, unused_list_items_column1, unused_list_items_column2)
    @project = project
    @user = user
    mail(:subject => "You've received a MindMap from #{}!", :to => @project.destination_email) do |format|
      format.pdf do
        attachments["#{@project.title}.pdf"] = => "MindMap", :template => 'projects/show.pdf.html.erb', :orientation => 'Landscape', :locals => {:project => @project, :user => @user }))


def email_mindmap_process
  @project = Project.find(params[:id])
  @user = current_user
    ProjectMailer.email_mindmap_process(@project, @user, @unused_list_items_column1, @unused_list_items_column2).deliver
    flash[:notice] = "We have emailed your MindMap to #{@project.destination_email}"
  rescue Net::SMTPAuthenticationError, Net::SMTPServerBusy, Net::SMTPSyntaxError, Net::SMTPFatalError, Net::SMTPUnknownError => e
    flash[:error] = "There was a problem emailing #{@project.destination_email}. Please double-check the address"
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I contacted the creator of the WickedPDF gem, Miles Sterrett, and he recommended the following, which worked perfectly!

attachments["#{@project.title}.pdf"] = => "MindMap", :template => 'projects/show.pdf.html.erb',  :locals => {:project => @project, :user => @user }), {:orientation => 'Landscape'})

Big thanks to Miles for responding promptly, and for building such a useful gem!

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