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1#. Any-buddy can explain me following sqlite things in joomla

      ->from('sqlite_master')     // sqlite_master ??
      ->where('type = :type')     // :type??
      ->bind(':type', 'table')     // purpose of bind  ??

2#. Actual query look like

FROM sqlite_master
WHERE type = :type

but its not working. :-( When I have changed where clause WHERE type = 'table' then it will work properly.

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Ok, Got the answer by debugging. :-) Might be its a bug in joomla. Just try to confirm it. Any-buddy is getting same issue?? (let me debugging again :-) ) – Manish Trivedi Sep 16 '13 at 18:33

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Its a bug in Joomla So query is not proper populated. (Issue filed)

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