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I am trying to display data in JqGrid from spring controller. Here is the JSON response from my spring controller {"rows":[{"firstName":"sharma","lastName":"sharma","id":2}],"page":"1","records":"1","total":"1"}

This is my jsp file:

<table id="grid"></table>
<div id="pager"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
      {name:'id', label: 'ID', formatter:'integer', width: 40},
      {name:'firstName', label: 'First name', width: 300},
      {name:'lastName', label: 'Last Name', width: 200}
    caption: "ReportingEmployees",
    pager : '#pager',
    height: 'auto'
  }).navGrid('#pager', {edit:false,add:false,del:false, search: false});

I have spent hours to figure out what is wrong, JSON looks valid also. Any help is much appreciated.

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You need add the option

datatype: 'json'

UPDATED: The demo uses JSON data which you posted and your code where I added datatype: 'json'. It displays

enter image description here

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I tried but didn't work –  varun Sep 16 '13 at 18:54
@varun: Look at the demo from UPDATED part of my answer. –  Oleg Sep 16 '13 at 19:22
Please paste the complete code –  varun Sep 16 '13 at 20:51
@varun: It's the code which you posted. You can just open the source of the demo in context menu of the web browser. You can verify that the JSON file contains your data only. –  Oleg Sep 16 '13 at 20:58
worked like a charm. There was a problem with jquery library version I was using. Thanks :) –  varun Sep 18 '13 at 6:28

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