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Native encodeURIComponent doesn't support encoding exclamation mark - ! which I need to have in url's query param encoded properly..

node.js querystring.stringify() doesn't it as well..

is the only way to use custom function like - https://github.com/kvz/phpjs/blob/master/functions/url/urlencode.js#L30 ?

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You could re-define the native function to add that functionality.

Here's an example of extending encodeURIComponent to handle exclamation marks.

// adds '!' to encodeURIComponent
~function () {
    var orig = window.encodeURIComponent;
    window.encodeURIComponent = function (str) {
        // calls the original function, and adds your
        // functionality to it
        return orig.call(window, str).replace(/!/g, '%21');

encodeURIComponent('!'); // %21

You could also add a new function, if you wanted the code to be shorter.
That's up to you, though.

// separate function to add '!' to encodeURIComponent
// shorter then re-defining, but you have to call a different function
function encodeURIfix(str) {
    return encodeURIComponent(str).replace(/!/g, '%21');

encodeURIfix('!'); // %21

More examples of this can be found at Mozilla's dev site

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yeah, I know that can override it, but thought querystring at least has this by default, anyway thanks! ;) –  Kosmetika Sep 16 '13 at 19:50
Yw. As for your original question, yes I think it's necessary to create a custom function. –  Joe Simmons Sep 16 '13 at 23:55

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