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I'm creating a web site under MVC4, using a data-first approach. A couple of the tables have non-standard keys: BusRouteCode for one, and BusStopNumber for another ... because these are not identity keys (autonumbers) and must be entered by the user

I have added [Key] before each of these, so Entity Framework will recognize them when generating the CRUD views. However, it isn't generating an input field for them on Create or Edit, nor a display field for List and Details.

I added [ScaffoldColumn(true)] before the key field as well, but it still won't create the input fields for them. Any ideas?

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Is there anything preventing you from manually adding the input fields for these properties? –  ElliotSchmelliot Sep 17 '13 at 1:20

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1) You should mark any column that is generated for some other resource as Computed:


2) If the Scaffolding feature from the MVC is not generating the field, do it manualy, just put the field in the view!

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