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I'm having an issue where when I run

git svn rebase


git svn rebase -l

nothing happens. However,

git svn fetch

brings down new revisions successfully. This started happening when I used 'gitk' to revert my working copy to a previous revision, then accidentally ran "git reset --hard HEAD" without switching back over to my master branch. Any ideas on how to fix this without re-cloning?


'git status' output

# On branch master
# Untracked files:
#   (use "git add <file>..." to include in what will be committed)
#       several untracked files
nothing added to commit but untracked files present (use "git add" to track)

'git branch -avv' shows all of my local and remote branches available to me. There is a lot of output, so what exactly should I be looking for?

It is worthy to note that I can fetch new revisions from another branch, it seems that my master branch is what is screwed up.

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What you did should not have the effect you describe. How exactly did you "revert to a previous revision"? Also, please post the output of git branch -avv and git status. –  sleske Sep 17 '13 at 9:07
I used gitk to "Reset master branch to here" on a selected commit, then ran "git reset --hard HEAD" by mistake instead of checking out the HEAD commit. –  Alexander Miles Sep 17 '13 at 12:42
Please read my comment and post the output of the commands. –  sleske Sep 17 '13 at 14:04
Did you accidentally reset your master's upstream? Try git branch -u master remotes/trunk or something similar. –  ulidtko Oct 4 '13 at 19:05
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