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I am to be unable to get the following code to work. I know how to use python variables in queries, but somehow I can't get this right. The query works fine when I hard code the 'icaocode' variable in the query, but not if I try to use a variable. What is wrong with this code?

icaocode = input()

c.execute("SELECT EXISTS(SELECT 1 FROM airports WHERE ICAO = ?)", (icaocode))
if c.fetchone():
    print("Not found...")

Received error:

sqlite3.ProgrammingError: Incorrect number of bindings supplied. The current statement uses 1, and there are 4 supplied.
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What do you see if you print icaocode? How about print type(icaocode)? –  Larry Lustig Sep 16 '13 at 20:59

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In Python, wrapping an expression in parentheses does not make any difference, (icaocode) is exactly the same as icaocode.

The execute method expects some kind of list of parameters, so it sees the string as a sequence of four characters.

To tell Python that you want a tuple with a single element, you have to add a comma:

c.execute("... WHERE ICAO = ?", (icaocode,))
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This did the job! Thanks –  Caesius Sep 17 '13 at 7:59
Then please accept the answer. –  CL. Sep 17 '13 at 8:28

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