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I am (obviously) new to git. Here is my scenario. I have a local git repository (server that I maintain) setup for my project. I want to create create a sub-directory e.g. oss-project under my repository. And I want to get (copy) a project on github into that directory. I need to be able to: 1. maintain the commit history on the github project into my repository as well. 2. selectively pull any updates to the oss-project on github in future.

could you advise, what steps do i need to take to achive that?

git clone http://my-local-repo/my-project.git
cd my-project
md oss-project
cd oss-project
// How do i proceed ? git clone / fork the oss-project??

thanks for the help!

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To create the oss-project submodule in the oss-project subfolder:

git submodule add git@github:user/oss-project.git oss-project

Assuming you have SSH access to oss-project. If not, use a http/git URL for read-only access.

Later if you want to use the newest version of oss-project:

cd oss-project
git checkout master
git pull origin master
cd ..
git add oss-project
git commit

Monsters ahead: git submodules are hard to remove.

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Thank you, your answers pointed me in right direction. I ened ed up using read-tree describe on this page help.github.com/articles/working-with-subtree-merge. –  user1136391 Sep 17 '13 at 18:42
Very good idea. Subtree merges are scarier at the beginning, but work much better on the long run. –  SzG Sep 17 '13 at 18:51

Sounds like you want to use Submodules.

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You can use a git submodule or you can look at some alternatives.

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