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On my app's first launch, an AlertPrompt comes up asking for an email address. This happens right before CLLocation's built-in alert comes up, obliterating my email prompt. As soon as I select "OK" (allow app to use your current location), my email prompt comes back. I'm using this for the email prompt:

- (void)askEmailReal {
    AlertPrompt *prompt = [AlertPrompt alloc];
    prompt = [prompt initWithTitle:nil 
                 cancelButtonTitle:@"No thanks" 
    [prompt show];

Not sure how best to proceed. Is it possible to block the system's location prompt until mine is clicked? Or maybe I should make sure mine comes after?

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No, there's no way to block the system prompts. If you really want your email pop up to show before the System's current location prompt, then simply just allocate your CLLocationManager and call your initial startUpdatingLocation after you've received the alertview callback that the user entered their email credentials.

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