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I'm creating a spreadsheet that hits BigQuery with Apps Script. Here's part of my query:

  USEC_TO_TIMESTAMP(created) AS created,
  USEC_TO_TIMESTAMP(modified) AS modified,
  USEC_TO_TIMESTAMP(resolved) AS resolved,
WHERE  blah blah blah...

When I run this from, I get timestamps that look like "2013-08-22 19:19:01 UTC" (this is great). However, when I run the same query from a spreadsheet, I get dates that don't make sense. If I remove the function USEC_TO_TIMESTAMP, the dates still don't make sense. What I mean by "don't make sense", is that if I format the numbers as dates, I get garbage values. What is the recommended way to query dates from a spreadsheet?

(from a mailing list)

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You should use FORMAT_UTC_USEC() instead of USEC_TO_TIMESTAMP().

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