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We're supposed to create a program where the user will enter x, y and z values and the number of points they want to find, then the program will take the x, y and z values and create a range (-xlength to +xlength, -ylength to +ylength, -zlength to +zlength). From that range, the program will return random 3D data points (however many the user wanted) stored in a 3D array.

Im confused on how im going to get the range from the 3D array and randomize a number within it, then output the data point. (Sorry if it doesn't make much sense, im really confused myself)

Can someone please explain to me what needs to be done or how im should properly use 3D arrays to complete this?

PS. Im using java

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Would it be possible to post the exact text of the assignment? (This is a class assignment, right?) If the only information in the assignment is what you've given us, then I can't figure out what it's asking for. For example: what, exactly, are the three dimensions of the 3-D array supposed to represent? I suspect that there's more information there that would be helpful to us. If there isn't, then perhaps you need to ask the teacher exactly what this 3-D array is supposed to look like. – ajb Sep 17 '13 at 1:28

I would start simple first: solve the one-dimensional case, and then expand your solution to cover all 3 dimensions.

You know that the user will give you a range for your dimension, let's call it xlength. You know that you'll have to have 2 * xlength numbers in your array. You also know that the array indices have to start from 0. So you have to have a mapping, elements from [0..2*xlength] should map to [-xlength..xlength]

So, with that in mind, let's tackle this:

int xlength = 5;/* input by user */
int[] items = new int[xlength * 2];
Random r = new Random();   

for (int i = 0, i < numberOfElementsToChoose; i++)
    int index = r.nextInt(items.length); // choose a random index

    // print the element, index will be index - xlength (to map from 0 to 2 * xlength to -xlength to xlength)
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"From that range, the program will return random 3D data points (however many the user wanted) stored in a 3D array." It sounds odd... How to fit random data into 3-dimensional array and why is it 3D?

The only reasonable approach that comes to my mind is a sparse array:

array[i][j][k] == 1 if the point (i,j,k) *is in the array* and 0 if it *is not there*.

You need to generate random n points with integer coordinates in the range "-xlength to +xlength, -ylength to +ylength, -zlength to +zlength" and set proper values in the array to 1. What for? No clue...

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