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I'm trying to hook up my SOAP webservice to be used as a crystal reports data service and I'm running into some problems. I follow the wizard and after I enter my WSDL URL and my credentials, I go on to the final page. On this page, the drop down boxes are empty. I manually enter the service name, port and method, and then hit finish and I get the following error:

WSDLException (at /definitions/types/xsd:schema): faultCode=OTHER_ERROR: An error occurred trying to resolve schema referenced at ' relative to 'URL': java.io.IOException: Server returned HTTP respose code: 401: for url

My schema definition is in a separate file that is pointed to in my wsdl by a tag.

I think the problem is this: Crystal Reports successfully authenticates against my server and retrieves the wsdl, then tries to load the schema but doesn't authenticate against the server when does, so I end up with the 401 error.

My webservice is a JAXWS deployed as a war file under BEA Weblogic 10.

Anyone have any ideas?

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In case anyone comes across this same problem....What I did to work around this is enable authentication only on POST requests (the actual web service calls). So retrieving the WSDL does not require any authentication.

I did this by adding this line in my web.xml file:

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Why not just use an SQL View for ALL your reporting needs?

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