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I'm currently trying to do an auto-suggestion exercise where the JSON file is located on a server, and I'm not sure if I'm understanding the webdev terminology correctly. In one of the requirements it says:

"On the keyup [since there's an input field], issue a GET to the server with the value of input key and the name of a callback function as parameters."

I've issued a GET to a json file on a server before, but I'm confused how one can issue a GET to the file on the server with a key as a parameter for a JSON file. Is this even possible?

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Web Terminologoy: You don't issue a GET Request for a file, you issue a GET request for a ressource identified by a URL

the HTTP request line might look like this:

GET /some/thing HTTP/1.0

parameters can be part of the URL, for example:

GET /some/thing?color=red&number=3 HTTP/1.0

Learn everything about URLs in the RFC http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3986.txt

Now maybe in your first example the ressource /some/thing.json points to really was a static json file. But for this exercise, you'll probably need a program running on the webserver, and outputting json.

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