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What did I do to screw up my CMD shell? Windows XP Pro, open a cmd window and do:

C:\>set tt = name

C:\>set tt
tt = name

C:\>echo %tt%

C:\>echo %time%

The echo command doesn't work for some reason. I can echo the built-in variables just fine. Tried it on another computer and that works as expected

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Minor nitpick: %time% isn't an environment variable but rather a pseudo-variable that is dynamically evaluated. –  Joey Dec 11 '09 at 0:20

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The set command does not take spaces. The proper syntax would be:

set tt=name

What you have done in your example is set an environment variable tt<space>. With that in mind, you can try this:

echo %tt%

and see your output.

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Have you tried setting the variable with no space between the equals? (set tt=name)

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