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I have to do some processing of a bitmap, and I'm trying to use NDK to return a byte array to java by locking Bitmap pixels. After processing in java is done, I (finally) call another NDK function to unlock bitmap's pixels.

I've tryied a few things but no one has worked:

  • returning to java the void* returned by lock pixels operation (casting it as jbyteArray), didn't work (sigsegv).
  • Using a ByteBuffer also didnt work because its read only (I need to manipulate it from java).
  • All other approaches that seem to work, will create a copy of the array... I'm trying to avoid this in order to reduce memory consumption.
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If you search around on stackoverflow you can find some answers. See also developer.android.com/training/articles/… . –  fadden Sep 17 '13 at 19:13
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Ive solved this by manipulating the array entirely inside native code. All Java code that used the byte[] has been moved to JNI.

According to my research, I think there is no way to manipulate the byte array of a Bitmap directly from Java. Of course you can manipulate a copy, but I dindt find any way to work directly with the native bitmap's data.

If someone finds a way, I would like to know it.


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