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I have a view controller and 5 views. Currently I use a pop-up in mainMenu.xib to access the NSObject AppController which uses the view controller to change between views.

I know that using storyboards in IOS you can use a button within a view to change between views. Is this possible in OSX?

Can I put a button in FirstViewController.xib to access the changeViewController in my AppController object?

Thank you

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In OSX your views will appear in a NSWindow. So what you need to do is, upon pressing that button (which fires a IBAction), tell your window (or subclassed NSWindow or NSWindowController) that you want to switch views.

(which you can do via removeSubview or addSubview to the NSWindow's contentView)

You don't have segues or storyboards in MacOS applications, b.t.w.

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At the 2014 WWDC they introduced Storyboards for MacOS X. So IOS Developers can feel more at home creating UI for the Mac.

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