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I want create an application which will show the user the route and provide navigation functionality from my own app(without opening any other navigation app). I have read that there is no such feature provided. Any suggestions on this??

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yes , you can do this.. – h.kishan Sep 17 '13 at 5:22
You should see the Putting Map Kit in Perspective video in the WWDC 2013 session videos, which talks about how to do this. – Rob Sep 17 '13 at 5:37

@Krishna I can understand this from your query as an iOS app developer, so try through these ways so that you can get you desired results. The best two possible ways are as follows.

01.Can use CLLocationManagerDelegate, and calling didUpdatetoLocation: fromLocation (method shortly), and give the current user location as fromLocation and UpdatetoLocation as (current user location + double miles 2.0), while calling the function and condition get fulfills, have to show alert.

02.An another method , can use MKCoordinateRegionMakeDistance function from Mapkit, and can setRegion for particular distance, if CLLocation enters in that particular location, can show alert.

This will help users in navigation.

For the references, Please follow Below URL's:

CLLocation distanceFromLocation

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