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I used CreateProcess to run a command and used CREATE_NO_WINDOW flag but the console pops up for a small fraction of second, how to avoid it?


ZeroMemory( &si, sizeof(si) );
si.cb = sizeof(si);
ZeroMemory( &pi, sizeof(pi) );

NULL,                // No module name (use command line)
command,             //set env variable and use it is my command
NULL,                // Process handle not inheritable
NULL,                // Thread handle not inheritable
FALSE,               // Set handle inheritance to FALSE
CREATE_NO_WINDOW,    //don't create window but it appears for fraction of second!
NULL,                // Use parent's environment block
NULL,                // Use parent's starting directory
&si,                 // Pointer to STARTUPINFO structure
&pi                  // Pointer to PROCESS_INFORMATION structure

Thanks for your help in advance.

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Maybe this is what you are looking for.… – Ivan Ishchenko Sep 17 '13 at 7:36
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You have to redirect your output. There is a member hStdOutput and hStdError which should be redirected. Here on MSDN is an example.

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could not figure it ! could tell me how exactly to do it? – Destructor Sep 17 '13 at 6:23
Please take a look at that example. There they show exactly what your are looking for. Bascily you have to specify another device handle for hStdOutput and/or hStdError. This can be a file handle to redirect everything to a file, or a pipe handle like in the example. You can also open the NUL device CreateFile("nul"...) to discard the output. – bkausbk Sep 17 '13 at 6:41

In your STARTUPINFO structure, set the STARTF_USESHOWWINDOW flag in the dwFlags member, and set wShowWindow to SW_HIDE.

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hmm it still comes ! any idea? – Destructor Sep 17 '13 at 5:46

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