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I am a noob to C++. I have a question regarding initialization of a character buffer dynamically

class Pkg {
    Header t;
    char buf[LENGTH];

I am going to send the object of the class over the network. Header class is converted to network byte order

So, I want to send it like this

Pkg ackpkt;

sendto(sd, &ackpkt, sizeof(ackpkt), 0,(struct sockaddr*)socket1,sizeof(struct sockaddr_in);

The LENGTH field here should be dynamically assigned each time just before I call sendto. One way I think of doing this is by declaring LENGTH to be global.

At the receivers side, I want to receive the object in an object of the same class.i.e the data of object t should be organized in ackpktrecv.t and buffer in ackpktrecv.buf

recvfrom(sd, &ackpktrecv, sizeof ackpktrecv, 0, (struct sockaddr*)&sockaddrs, &len);

How can I receive the object with the character buffer having the same length as LENGTH Can anybody suggest me in what way I can achieve this ?

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Since this is C++, consider use a vector<T> instead of a char.

class Pkg {
  Pkg(vector<char>::size_type size) :buf(size) {

  vector<char> buf;

That allows you to send data in the following way

Pkg ackpkt(someSize);
  (struct sockaddr*)socket1,
  sizeof(struct sockaddr_in)
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Oh but I want to recv the object on the server side. So will this work, recvfrom(sd, &ackpkt, sizeof ackpkt, 0, (struct sockaddr*)&sockaddrs, &len); I want the data that I sent in character buffer to reorganize into the character buffer at the receiver side's object of the same class. – user229160 Dec 10 '09 at 21:43
@CG recieving works fine but you'll likely need to do it in chunks and then combine the packets back together. This is really easy with a vector though as they are easily concatinated. – JaredPar Dec 10 '09 at 21:53

I recommend an RAII idiom:

  • Make the constructor for Pkg take a length parameter, and allocate buf in the constructor with new char[length].
  • Make the destructor for Pkg do delete[] buf

Then every time through the loop, you simply create a new Pkg object with the desired length.

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So, how do I reorganize the character buffer with the same length (as while sending) in an object of Pkg on the receivers side ?: – user229160 Dec 10 '09 at 21:50

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