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I am just started development in BB10 .I need to call soap based web service from URL .I google it and found one weather example .But it not help me.Actually I want to to call a method Example like getVersionReturn . from url so that my concept clear .Then I will call my other methods here is my url.


The return value is response like :1.3 .

can you help me to call one method on button click ?

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Ok this isn't full solution, but it will show you the important part (this is cascades solution)

Button {
            text: "click"
            onClicked: {


attachedObjects: [
        DataSource {
            id: dataSource
            source: "http://railapps.firstgroup.com/FirstGroupRailApps/services/RailAppsCAWS?wsdl"
            type: DataSourceType.Xml
            remote: true

            onDataLoaded: {
            onError: {

so all you need to do is to search through that data.

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