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I am working on Linphone Library and using GITHUB repo and downloaded the zip file with Download Zip button.

enter image description here

Now when i go through the README file i saw that i need to run ./prepare_sources.sh script then i ran it on terminal but it asks for file to patch as enter image description here

Now when i opened the folder inside submodules/externals/ffmpeg -- It's completely empty and other folders are also empty. But on GitHub also i saw it with some kind of black folder which i can't select. I am stuck here ? should i do how can i get all these files into my directory so that i can make the build.

One more thing Should i import this downloaded Zip into my eclipse it shows me these projects which one should i import (Should i import it after i download the Zip from Github or should i import it after running all the scripts to make the build on terminal and then import it in eclipse)?

Need Help . enter image description here

enter image description here

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I am also stuck in this same issue stackoverflow.com/questions/18826876/… .... plz let me know if you get it resolved – iPhnQ Sep 17 '13 at 7:30

because all this are submodules so you have to download it thru terminal

Enter Following Command then you get everything with subfolders.

git clone git://git.linphone.org/linphone-android.git --recursive

--recursive will fetch submodules also.

i hope it helps you.

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