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I have to deploy an exploded war file in my local WebLogic Server access by Administration Console.

  1. First I am given a war file.
  2. Then I extracted it because I have to replace its web.xml
  3. From that I have to deploy it to the weblogic.

How should I do this?


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There are 2 ways to go with this:

  1. deploy as a WAR package (assuming your WAR is mywar.war)

    • extract only the web.xml via jar xvf mywar.war WEB-INF/web.xml
    • modify the web.xml
    • add back the web.xml via jar uvf mywar.war WEB-INF/web.xml
    • you can try to extract again and see that the new change has taken effect
  2. Deploy as an exploded WAR (ie, as normal OS folder).

    • make sure the folder name is the same as the original WAR name. ie, the folder name should be mywar.war.
    • Put all the exploed contents into that folder. The WEB-INF is directly under the folder.

Now you can deploy them normally using the Deployment tab.


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Open console. Go to Deployments -> press Install -> find to path to extracted war files, you should see (open directory) label -> press Next - Next - Finish. You are done, it is deployed.

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