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I'm trying to do:

(defconstant x 1)
(cffi:foreign-alloc :int :initial-contents  '(x 99))

but I get an error message:

The value X is not of type (SIGNED-BYTE 32).
   [Condition of type TYPE-ERROR]

It is very important that I can define this:

(x 99) ; x does need to be a defconstant equaling 1

as a pointer for the code I am writing. How can I achieve this?

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(cffi:foreign-alloc :int :initial-contents (list x 99))

'(x 99) means that (x 99) is not evaluated, so its a list containing the symbol x and the number 99

(list x 99) is a function, so x is evaluated and replaced by its value 1 and then a list is created with contents 1 and 99.

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Thanks..it worked...I really appreciate your help = ) –  user2735131 Sep 20 '13 at 16:24

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