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Is it possible to have Eclipse execute an arbitrary expression at a particular point in code when debugging?

The Execute/Display functionality allows you to run arbitrary code in the context of debugging. A breakpoint stops flow.

What I'd like is something like a breakpoint that can be inserted at a particular point in a class, doesn't suspend application flow, but instead executes a snippet of code.

The background is I'm trying to debug some multithreaded code which I can't edit, and I want to do some naive System.out.printlns to see when various things happen. If I use breakpoints then the flow of the events will be disturbed.

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You may use the "Breakpoint Properties" of a breakpoint to add some code. Hit the "Conditional" Checkbox in the dialog and place your code there.

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Thanks - I didn't even think to try non-conditional code in there! –  Deejay Sep 17 '13 at 7:53
Yeah, its kinda nasty, if you ask me. But it helps in your case. I could not recommend it unconditionally, because you interfere with the executing code in a very un-explicit way. –  pimpf0r Sep 17 '13 at 8:30
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Aha! There's an undocumented feature whereby conditional breakpoints can execute other code, dubbed 'Printpoints'.

enter image description here

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